Everything You Need To Know About ISO 22000 Certification

March 15, 2023
ISO Certification

What is ISO 22000 Certification?
ISO 22000 Certification is a food management system that can apply to any food chain. Having a certificate of ISO 22000 can assure your customers that they have a food safety system in place. These days having a food security system in place is very important mainly for two reasons. One because it provides customer confidence in the product. And second, because the food processors need to be sure that their ingredients are safe and are coming from certified suppliers. ISO 22000 tells you about what are the requirements that an organization needs to meet to control food safety hazards. This certificate is valid to any food organization regardless of its size or position in the food chain. 

Top Benefits Of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certification are :

  • Proves your commitment to food safety. 
  • It Improves consumer/supplier confidence and relationship. 
  • It reduces customer complaints. 
  • Ensures improvements in products and processes. 
  • It helps in improving International Trade.
  • Eliminates and controls food safety risks. 
  • Minimize the experience of low quality and health risk products. 
  • We have improved overall performance. 

Who can all have the ISO certification?

Any company in the food chain from field to store will include growers, transporters, packagers, processors, retailers, bottlers, and restaurants. 

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Know-How Can You Get Approved From The Food Management System 

To be able to get certified with the food management system, a company must be able to fulfill specific requirements. The requirements ask you to collect and present a set of documents which once approved will help you in obtaining the certification. 

Follow The Following Steps For The Further Process

Know all about the requirements of the ISO 22000 certification in India. 

Complete your companies self-assessment which includes

-Food safety

-The layout of premises and workplace.

-Management review

-Audit team. 

Select a Certification Body. 

Then an examination of your workplace will be conducted by a certification board officer. 

After the first inspection, you will observe the requirements that you need to improve on. 

Once the ISO Certification Process is fulfilled, and the officer is fully satisfied.  

Your organization will then acquire the ISO 22000 Certificate. To know more click here. 

The ISO 22000 certificate is valid only up to a period for three years. And even in between these years there can be a sudden examination by a certification board officer. Once your license has expired, you will have to renew it following the same procedure again. 

Estimated Cost Of the Certification 

The ISO 22000 certification cost in India depends on the size of your organization. 

Three main types of costs that occur during the process of certification:

• Registrar Hiring: The registration is the responsibility of registrar, and the price will depend on how large and how widespread your organization is. And the charges depend on how much time they spend auditing your organization by days. So, if the registrar is not local, there will be travel costs, and there are administrative and accreditation fees as well. All you need to find a registrar that allows you to receive three quotes from on top registrars all at once.

• Internal Cost: For this, your employees need to spend some time on building and implementing the system. Here, our experts will help you to estimate the time required from employees throughout the project.

• Outside help: The certification cost may also include either consultant fees or the expenses of tools that will help you with the project. But you can save a lot of money if you do not prefer to use a consultant. 

Giving an exact amount of money charged for the registration will be a little difficult as it can vary from organization to organization. However, attaining the Certificate is not a tough task, and if you want to be trusted and recognized, you should have the ISO certificate. To get expert advice and to gain more knowledge about the certification, click here.

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