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Company Annual Filing


Procedure for LLP Annual filing Registration

Step 1
Complete our Simple Form

You are required to submit documents and complete our straightforward questionnaire.

Step 2
Submit the Documents

Submit all of the information and documents required for the next step.

Step 3
Preparing Annual E-filing

All the expected documentation is ready and checked by our Specialists.

Step 4
File Annual filing e-forms with MCA

Additionally, we will file your annual report with MCA on your behalf.

Step 5
Your work is completed

Once your company’s annual return is filed, we shall intimate you about the same.

File Company’s Annual Return

The Registrar of Companies requires that every organization, whether public or private, include itself in India by submitting the various e-Forms and necessary documents. The company files an annual return and all of the paperwork necessary to file financial statements. This paperwork includes information about the company's financial statements, certifications (if any), registered office address, share and debt details, register of members, debt subtitle, and management information. The yearly return would likewise reveal the shareholdings construction of the organization, changes in Directorship, and captions of the trading of protections. Sahyog will help you file the annual return for your business in India.

Documents required for LLP Annual filing

What Is Included In Our Package?

E-form AOC 4 preparation for filing a financial statement

E-form MGT 7 preparation for the annual return filing


Filing expenses with the Registrar

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Annual Filing" imply?

A company that is incorporated in India is required to file an annual filing. The required documents and the electronic form must be submitted to MCA.

The company will be deemed in default and responsible for paying the fine. The amount of the penalty will be determined by the number of days that have passed since the default began.

What data is included in the Annual Filing?

Yearly recording comprises of the asset report of the organization, benefit and misfortune account, confirmations if any, subtleties of individuals, subtleties of investors, and its shareholdings and subtleties of Chiefs.

Who ought to sign annual e-forms?

The Company's Directors are required to sign the annual filing documents. A Chartered Accountant must audit and sign the financial statements.

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