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Eating House Registration


Procedure for Eating House License Registration

Step 1
Complete our Simple Form

You need to fill our application form for Eating House License and provide us details about your Eating House.

Step 2
Send your documents

You need to email us the required documents.

Step 3
Documents Submission

Your application for Eating House License along with other declarations are filed to the Addl. Commissioner of Police, Licensing, Delhi by our advocates.

Step 4
Appointment with Addl. Commissioner of Police

On completion of the application, an appointment will be set for scrutiny of your application submitted along with documents by Addl. Commissioner.

Step 5
Eating House License Issued

We will mail you the license after regular follow-ups with the Addl. Commissioner of Police, Licensing, Delhi.

Eating House License Registration

To operate an eating house, a permit under the Delhi Police Act must be obtained. A candidate must submit an application for an eating establishment license to the City/State Police Headquarters and the Police Commissioner, Licensing, who has the authority to issue this permit. As indicated by the solicitation of the designation of Force gave by the Chief of Police, Delhi, the Addl. In relation to the registration of eating establishments, the Registration Authority is the Commissioner of Police, Licensing, Delhi. House Eating means: any location that is open to the general public and provides any kind of food or drink for consumption This permit is given by the Authorizing Police Magistrate of that city.

Documents required to obtain Eating House License

Steps for getting the Eating House license

Step 1:

The Candidate must immediately submit a request letter in person with the details of the Eating House to obtain a user ID and password to begin the licensing process.The DSC must be obtained in this way from government-approved confirming offices by the partners in an LLP.

Step 2:

For each individual application for an Eating House License, all data must be precisely filled out. For the same reason, all of the necessary documents ought to be uploaded. The rejection of an application can be due to a variety of factors. Any additional specific documents may be requested by the licensing authority whenever necessary.

Step 3:

On finish of the application, you are expected to meet Addl. Chief of Police, Authorizing, Delhi for investigation of your assessment and supporting archives.It will take between five and seven business days to approve the name. The form must be submitted again within 15 days, in the event that a dismissal occurs.

Step 4:

The administration office will then need to be contacted for an update on your application. The government will return the fees once they have been paid if your application is denied due to inaccurate information or a fraudulent application.

Step 5:

The government department will take 45-60 working days to totally survey your application and to grant the Eating House License.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the validity period of the registration certificate i.e. Eating House License?

Subject to the applicant's possession of a valid trade license, the Registration Certificate/Eating House license will be valid for three years.

How to obtain duplicate registration certificate?

An application can be made to the Registering Authority if the Registration Certificate is lost, altered, or destroyed. After receiving an application and conducting any necessary research, the Registering Authority may, upon payment, issue a duplicate Registration Certificate.

When the registration certificate can be cancelled?

After the holder of a certificate of registration has been given a reasonable opportunity to demonstrate their opposition to the cancellation, the Certificate of Registration is subject to cancellation by the Registering Authority for violating any regulation or Directions issued by the Registering Authority. By surrendering the R.C., the R.C. holder may request that the R.C. be cancelled in writing to the Registering Authority in the event that the Eating House has been closed for any reason.

Whether registrion certificate is transferable?

The Registration Certificate may be transferred in the event of the holder's death or any other unavoidable circumstance upon production of an amended Health Trade License issued by the civic body and following due Character, Verification conducted by the Registering Authority.

How to file an appeal against an order of the licensing unit?

Within thirty days of the date of the order against which an appeal is to be filed, any individual aggrieved by the orders of the Registering Authority may file an appeal with the Commissioner of Police.

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