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Partnership Registration Online


Procedure For LLP Registration

In India, you can conduct business online as a Limited Liability Partnership. We can assist you in the following ways because of our extensive knowledge and competence in LLP registration.

Step 1
Complete our Partnership Form

You must complete the information on our short online form and provide any necessary papers.

Step 2
Verification of Documents

The information you provide will be checked by our professionals before any further procedures.

Step 3
Partnership Deed Drafting

Furthermore, we will draught your Partnership deed once receiving your paperwork.

Step 4
Apply for TAN & PAN

On your behalf, we will prepare all the necessary paperwork and submit it to the ROC.

Step 5
Your work is completed


What is Private limited company?

A partnership is a type of business organisation where at least two individuals manage and run a company in accordance with the conditions and goals outlined in the partnership deed. In the disorganised divisions, small and medium-sized enterprises frequently register as partnerships since it is so simple to do so. LegalRaasta handles the registration of partnerships. You must first decide on a company name and then create a partnership deed in order to register a partnership. It is a written instrument outlining the specific rights and obligations of the partners, and in order for it to be valid, it must be written down rather than spoken. The conditions of the Partnership Deed are frequently altered to serve the interests of the partners and may even be done in violation of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932; nevertheless, in case, Partnership If the deed is silent on any subject, the Act's provisions would be in effect.

Choose Partnership because

Registration for a partnership is very straightforward.
Compared to an LLP, partnership registration is more cheap.
The least amount of compliance is required.

Documents Required For LLP Registration

Steps to form an Partnership Registration

Step 1 :

The state's Registrar of Firms must receive all of the records indicated above.

Step 2:

The Registrar will then provide an authentication of registration, and each accomplice should receive a replica.

Step 3:

To avoid any potential issues in the future, a different enrollment with the Income Tax Office must be completed, and the Partnership firm must obtain a PAN card and open a bank account in its name.

What is Partnership?

In the business sector, a partnership refers to a relationship in which at least two people decide to split the rewards of a business that is operated by all of them or by one of them acting on behalf of all. Commonly, it is done in legal terms. The degree of possession varies and depends on particular factors. In this sense, a partnership firm is one that allows for shared business responsibilities. There are specific guidelines that must be followed while establishing a partnership firm. According to the Indian Partnership Act of 1932, registering a partnership firm is not required, although only Maharashtra has done so. A partnership firm may also be registered at any time, even many years after it was formed. Both registering and not registering a partnership firm offers advantages, but, like a coin with two sides, each has disadvantages as well. The operation of a partnership firm and how to register for a partnership firm in India are briefly explained here.
Although establishing up a partnership is rather simple, there are a few requirements and restrictions that must be adhered to. In accordance with the Indian Partnership Act of 1932, all partners in a partnership firm must agree on fundamental matters (such as the admission of new partners, the dissolution of the firm, the conversion of the firm, etc.) and must play a decisive role in other issues. Additionally, there must be sharing of all significant gains or losses made in the business. The Indian Partnership Act, 1932, definitely states additional requirements for establishing up a partnership firm. These requirements should be rigorously adhered to in order to prevent any serious actions taken by authorities against your firm. It also states that there must be a legal agreement.

Why Partnership Registration ?

Relatively affordable

Low Compliance Rates

Simple to establish

If your partnership is not registered:

Need for Partnership Registration

If you don’t register your Partnership:

A partner cannot sue the company: According to the Indian Partnership Act of 1932, a partner in an unregistered partnership firm cannot sue the company for upholding any rights.

cannot promise started a conflict with a third party.

Outsiders would be able to sue the firm regardless of enrollment, but they cannot.

Minimum Requirements for Partnership Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

How many partners are necessary to form a Limited Liability Partnership?

An LLP registration requires a minimum of two partners. The maximum number of partners is unlimited. You can file paperwork as a "One Person Company" if you are the only proprietor.

Who may join an LLP as a partner?

Any person or organisation, including foreign nationals or NRIs, is eligible to join as a partner in an LLP. However, the person must be at least 18 years old and have a current PAN card.

Is it necessary for me to be present in person to incorporate an LLP?

Our process is entirely online, therefore you are not need to physically visit our office to complete it. You can mail us a scanned copy of your documents, and we'll take care of the rest. The company incorporation certificate will be sent to your business address by MCA via courier.

Is there anything else I need to pay once I pay for incorporation before I receive the certificate of incorporation?

We don't have any unstated fees. Our system is really open and honest. We will give you an all-inclusive invoice with no additional fees when you make your payment. Our staff will assist you up till you open an LLP bank account.

How much capital do I need to put down up front to launch the business?

You must have a bank account with a balance of at least Rs. 5 000. No more funding is required to launch the firm. You don't even need to deposit this money with the bank. You can also demonstrate how the capital was used for LLP pre-incorporation costs, such as LLP registration costs. You may also demonstrate how this money was invested in the form of assets like computers and other things.

Can a Designated Partner in an LLP be an NRI or foreign national?

Yes, but only after he receives a DIN or DPIN. However, an LLP must have at least one designated partner who is an Indian resident. The foreign director has the option of holding the majority of the stock in the company.

Can I set up the LLP at my residence?

The answer is that you can register your LLP at your home address. Starting the business in your garage or at home is entirely legal. Usually, the "MCA" team doesn't come to your workplace. You only need to present evidence of your residential address, such as a lease or an electricity bill.

Is it possible for a salaried employee to join an LLP as a partner?

Yes, a salaried individual is eligible to join an LLP as a partner. Check your job contract to see if such clauses are permitted. Most of the time, employers are okay with their employees serving as directors of other businesses.

Which cities offer LLP creation services through "Sahyog"?

Mumbai, Pune, Akola, and Amravati are the four locations in Maharashtra where "Sahyog" offers LLP incorporation services.

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