Farmer Producer Company Registration

Perfect for those who are involved in primary production
(Takes 20-30 days)

Farmer Producer Company Registration


Procedure For Microfinance Company

Step 1
Complete our Simple Form

You must complete our short questionnaire with your information and upload any necessary papers.


Step 2
Obtain DSC and DPIN from us

You will receive DSC and DPIN from us. You must give your consent in order to move forward.


Step 3
Verification and Name Approval

The information you provide will be checked by our professionals before any further procedures.


Step 4
Document Submission

All of your necessary paperwork will be produced by us, and it will be submitted to ROC.


Step 5
Your work is completed

We will email you all the paperwork and DSCs as soon as your business has been incorporated.


Produces Company Registration

A producer company is a legal entity with goals or pursuits that comply with the Act. It consists of a group of individuals who are engaged in the production of primary produce or who have one or more primary produce-related goals. You can choose agriculturalist members for a producer company, accept deposits from them in the form of RDs or FDs, and give them maturity. You can also give loans to your farmer members and collect income from them. Through Sahyog, producer company registration can be completed.

Documents Required for Producer Company Registration

What is Included In Our Package?

DIN for all Directors

Digital Signature For all Directors

Name search & approval


Registration Fees

Company Pan Card

Conditions for Incorporation

Ten or more individuals, each of them being a producer
Two or More Producer institutions
Combination of ten or more individuals and producer institution

Minimum Requirements for Indian Subsidiary Registration ?

Minimum 5 Directors

Minimum Rs.5 Lacs Paid up Capital

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are five directors required in order to register a producer company?

Yes, you must register a Producer Company with at least five directors.

Who is eligible to join Producer Limited Company?

Anybody, even foreigners and NRIs, can join Producer Company as a member.

Do I need to be present in person when the Producer company is incorporated?

You don't need to be present at our office or any other location to incorporate because the entire process is done online. Documents must be scanned and transmitted via postal mail.

Are there any other payments required for the incorporation certificate in addition to the registration fee?

There is not a single other payment. You will receive a complete invoice from us that contains no additional fees.

How long does Sahyog need to create a producer company?

A Nidhi Limited Company can be incorporated by Sahyog normally in 20 to 30 days. The length of time also depends on the applicant's availability of pertinent documents and how quickly government approvals are granted. Before beginning the registration procedure, please choose a distinctive name for the prospective Company and make sure you have all the necessary paperwork ready in order to ensure quick registration.

Can foreign nationals or NRIs hold the position of director in a producer company?

Yes, an NRI or foreign national can join the Producer Company as a designated partner after obtaining a DIN or DPIN. However, the Producer Company must have at least one designated partner who is an Indian resident.

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