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Procedure For Conversion

Step 1
Complete our Simple Form Online

You must complete our short questionnaire with your information and upload any necessary papers.

Step 2
Obtain DSC and DIN. from us

We will provide you a DSC and DPIN after we get your paperwork.

Step 3
Verification and Name Approval

Your information will be checked, and we'll submit a name approval request.

Step 4
Document Submission

Your paperwork and application will be made by us, and they will be sent to ROC.

Step 5
Your work is completed

We will email you all the paperwork and DSCs as soon as your business has been incorporated.

Conversion of Sole Proprietor to Private Limited Company

Due to the lax compliance requirements, many entrepreneurs start out as sole proprietorships. The demand to separate the bank accounts and, consequently, tax filings of the Sole Proprietor and those of the business arises as the business and, consequently, the incomes, expand. To achieve this separation, change the sole proprietorship into a private limited company.
An agreement between the Proprietorship and the Private Limited Company (when it is consolidated) for the sale of the firm must be signed in order to change a Sole Proprietorship into a Private Limited Company. Furthermore, such merged Private Limited Company's Memorandum of Association must include "the takeover of a Sole Proprietorship Concern" as one of its destinations.

Documents Required For Conversion

What is Included In Our Package?

Conditions for Conversion

Prior to the development, all the advantages and liabilities of the Sole Proprietorship related to the firm were the advantages and liabilities of the organisations.
The sole proprietor's shareholding in the private limited company must account for at least 50% of the firm's total voting power and must remain at that level for a minimum of five years after the development.
The sole proprietor does not receive any benefit or payment, directly or indirectly, through any structure or technique other than the manner of allocating shares inside the corporation.

Minimum Requirements for OPC Registration

Minimum 2 Shareholders

Minimum 2 Directors

Minimum Rs.1 Lac Share Capital

DIN for all Directors

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the registration of a private limited company required to have two directors?

Yes, a private limited company requires a minimum of two directors. You can file as a one-person company if you are the only owner.

Who is eligible to join a private limited company?

The private limited corporation is open to membership from anyone, including foreign nationals and NRIs.

Do I need to be present in person for the conversion of a proprietorship into a private limited company?

You don't need to be present in our office or any other office for the closure of a proprietorship or the incorporation of a private limited company because the entire process is done online. Documents must be scanned and transmitted via postal mail.

Aside from the conversion cost, are there any more payments required for the private limited company's incorporation certificate?

There is not a single other payment. You will receive a complete invoice from us that contains no additional fees.

How long does it take to convert a proprietorship into a private limited company?

In most cases, it takes 14–20 days for to transform a proprietorship into a private limited company. The length of time also depends on the applicant's availability of pertinent documents and how quickly government approvals are granted. Before beginning the registration procedure, please choose a distinctive name for the prospective Company and make sure you have all the necessary paperwork ready in order to ensure quick registration.

Are foreign nationals and NRIs allowed to serve as directors in private limited companies?

When a foreign national or NRI obtains a DIN, they are eligible to serve as a director in a private limited company. On the Board of Directors, however, at least one Director must be an Indian resident.

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