Conversion of Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company

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Procedure For Conversion

Step 1
Fill out our short form online.

You must complete our short questionnaire with your information and upload any necessary papers.

Step 2
Verification & Name Approval

Your information will be checked, and we'll submit a name approval request.

Step 3
Drafting of MOA/AOA

Following receipt of your documents, we will write or revise an AOA or MOA for your business.

Step 4
Submission of Documents

Your paperwork and application will be produced by us and submitted to ROC.

Step 5
Your task is finished.

We will email you all the paperwork and DSCs as soon as your business has been incorporated.

Conversion of Private Limited to Public Limited

In a Public Company, there are at least seven individuals and the public is welcome to subscribe to its shares. In a Public Company, there are at least seven individuals and the public is welcome to subscribe to its shares. Private companies have a maximum of 200 shareholders, and the public cannot subscribe to their shares. According to the Companies Act, 2013, a Public Company can be converted into a Private Company by modifying its Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. Public firms have the essential advantage of being able to raise significant amounts of reserves without having to approach the banking sector, which helps them reduce debt. In contrast, private companies are exclusive and must raise all of their reserves from current shareholders, investors, and promoters. The risk is also divided among the investors in the unlikely event that a private company goes public. Public enterprises that have their stocks listed receive indirect assistance and promotion through stock market websites.

Documents Needed To Register With OPC

What Included With Our Package?

Conditions Minimum for Conversion

Frequently Asked Questions

Are three directors required for a public limited company?

Indeed, a Public Limited Corporation requires a minimum of 3 Directors. You can file as a one-person company if you are the only owner.

Who can be a member of a Public Limited Company?

Foreign nationals and NRIs are both eligible to join an LLP as partners.

In addition to the conversion charge, are there any further payments required for the incorporation certificate?

There is not a single other payment. You will receive a complete invoice from us that contains no additional fees.

How long does need to transform a private limited company into a public limited company?

In between 14 and 20 days, can convert a Private Limited Company. The length of time also depends on the applicant's availability of pertinent documents and how quickly government approvals are granted. Please choose a distinctive name for the proposed Company to ensure quick registration into a public limited company.

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