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What is ROC Compliance?

The Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs' Registrar of Companies, which oversees the organization of the Companies Act of 2013, is represented by ROC. ROC has been assigned under segment 609 of the organizations act covering the various States and Association Regions are vested with the fundamental obligation of enrolling associations and LLPs floating in the singular states and the Association Domains and guaranteeing that such associations and LLPs consent to legal requirements under the demonstration. The records associated with the businesses that are registered with the office of the ROC are available for public investigation upon payment of the recommended expense. Additionally, there are currently 22 Registrars of Companies (ROC) based in each significant Indian state. Moreover, the focal government rehearses managerial command over these workplaces through the individual Provincial Chiefs. To avoid penalties and fines, it is essential to adhere to all organization-specific compliances.

Documents for ROC Compliance

Documents that must be submitted annually to the ROC

1. Form MGT-7- Annual Return

2. Form AOC-4 – Financial Statements & Other Documents

What Is Included In Our Package?

Compliance by Director

Board Report

Annual Report

Statutory Registers update

Drafting of Notices

Annual Filing and its documentation(AOC4, MGT-7)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term "corporate compliances" mean?

The general definition of compliance is adhering to India's laws, regulations, and rules.

Under Company Laws, who is India's Governing Law and Regulatory Authority?

The Companies Act 2013 & Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

What is the significance of Corporate Consistence?

Compliance with the law protects businesses from prosecution and penalties.

Is it required to comply with the Companies Act of 2013's various laws, rules, and regulations?

The ROC requires all Indian-incorporated businesses to submit a variety of forms, returns, and documents.

What are the obligations imposed by the Companies Act of 2013?

Minutes, notices, various certifications, annual filing, disclosure by directors, draft of annual return, and updating the Statutory Register are all part of the annual process.

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