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Trademark Renewal


Procedure for Trademark Renewal

Step 1
Complete a Simple Form

You must submit documents and fill out our straightforward questionnaire.

Step 2
Application Submission

We will develop each necessary application and submit it to the Registrar.

Step 3
Your work is completed.

Once, the application is recorded, an affirmation slip of the equivalent will be sent.

Trademark Renewal

Any distinctive expression associated with a product or service that sets it apart from others is a trademark. This articulation could be a word, trademark, photo, logo, realistic, variety blend, sound, or even smell. A registered trademark is valid for ten years. It needs to be renewed after that. You don't have to stress in the event that you neglect to recharge it as you will get an earlier notification at your enrolled office with respect to the reestablishment of your brand name. Most of the time, businesses don't renew their trademarks. As a result, the Registrar informs them of this six months prior to the expiration date. However, the Registrar will issue a statement stating that your trademark will be removed from the Trade Marks Journal if you do not take any action. It is an extremely lengthy interaction and requires something like 6 a year after termination. Therefore, prior to that, you can renew it by simply paying the department the fine amount.

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Why Trademark Registration Renewal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trademark Class?

The Brand name Library has arranged labor and products under 45 classes. The class or classes of the goods or services must be mentioned in your application. Only those classes would be used to register the trademark.

What is a trademark's validity?

It is valid for a total of ten years and can be renewed at any time.

When can I pair my trademark with TM?

After receiving a TMR number from the government, the TM mark can be used in conjunction with a trademark.

A trademark is a mark given to a brand to safeguard the name, logo, or slogan of the brand. Unique content like books, music, videos, songs, or even software is protected by a copyright.

Can my trademark registration be used worldwide?

The brand name enrolled under Brand name Act 2000 will be substantial just in India. In any case, in certain nations brand name enrolled in India can be utilized as a base for enlisting a brand name in that country.

In the event that Organization Name is as of now enrolled under the Organizations Act, do I actually require brand name enlistment for my organization name?

Similar to trademark registrations, registrations of company names, business names, and domain names do not confer ownership or a monopoly right on a name.

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