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Utilize a free online trademark search tool to determine whether your logo and brand name are available. Look for trademark classes.

Trademark Search


Trademark Search

A Brand name search is finished to guarantee that any brand name, which a candidate wishes to enroll, doesn't create the probability of turmoil with a generally applied mark. We at "Sahyog" offer free help of brand name look for you. For your convenience, we have the most recent database, and this is an easy online process.

Types of Trademark Search

Word search:

This sort of search permits you to recover brand names that utilization the very word as that of the inquiry entered.

Vienna code search:

At times, a brand name might contain the very visual components as that of different organizations. Such marks would be difficult to locate. India is an individual from the Vienna show, so it follows the worldwide characterization for the equivalent.

Phonetic search:

When trademark words sound similar, the phonetic search interface is used. It is a valuable kind of search as it once in a while gives results having an alternate spelling yet a comparable sound.

Why is Trademark Search Necessary?

Brand name search is extremely worthwhile at many strides of your brand name enlistment process. Coming up next are the advantages of a brand name search:

Trademark Portfolio Management

Trademark portfolio management denotes application management from inception to completion. Several activities are included in the portfolio, including

Trademark Infringement

On the off chance that one purposes an enlisted brand name without the approval of the brand name proprietor, then it is viewed as brand name encroachment. According to the Trade Marks Act of 1999, it is illegal. Under this, the enlisted brand name proprietor can give a notification to the infringer to stop the utilization of the imprint.
Even after that, if the infringement continues, it may be necessary to take action to stop all goods that violate the Trade Marks Act. Also, the case for the harms can be started.

Frequently Asked Questions

A trademark search is carried out to ensure that any trademark that an applicant wishes to register does not cause confusion with a mark that has already been used. We at "Sahyog" offer free help of brand name look for you. For your convenience, we have the most recent database, and this is an easy online process.

How do I get a search on a trademark?

Simply go to our website at to use our service of Trademark Search.

How much does obtaining a trademark search cost?

Naturally, as part of the "Sahyog" initiative known as Trademark Search, we have provided a database that allows users to conduct online trademark searches for a variety of trademark classes and categories.

How is obtaining a trademark search accomplished?

There are 2 stages during the time spent directing a brand name search:
• To begin, you must visit our website:
• After that, you'll need to provide the necessary information at together with the inquiry for our specialists.

In order to register a trademark, you must: The trademark ought to be able to be shown graphically. Your products and services should be able to be distinguished from those of others by the trademark you use.

Where can I look for a trademark?

For this reason, there are a few web-based instruments accessible. You can quickly and easily find out if your proposed trademark infringes on any existing trademarks with these tools. In addition, you can locate the trademark you are seeking by utilizing our trademark search tool, which can be found above.

Which scenarios involve trademark cancellation?

A trademark can be canceled for the following reasons:
• Assuming the imprint is graphic
• In the event that the imprint isn't particular
• Assuming the imprint is deceiving, tricky, or deriding
• Assuming the imprint is utilitarian
• Assuming the imprint is conventional
• On the off chance that the imprint comprises of a topographical sign
• Assuming the imprint is against public arrangement or guideline or profound quality
• In the event that the imprint is utilized in a deceptive way
• In the event that the imprint is restricted in the locale
• In the event that the application for enlistment of the imprint was made in dishonesty • in the event that the brand name contains safeguarded armorial direction, banners, and other State tokens.

How much time is allotted for opposition?

The date on which the Trade Mark journal is made available to the general public is the date on which the opposition period begins. It comes to an end four months (120 days) after the journal was made public. This date cannot be extended.

Who is authorized to oppose a trademark application?

Your trademark application can be opposed by anyone.

Where can I go to conduct a search for a trademark?

You can go to

In India, how many different kinds of trademarks can be registered?

The following lists the various trademarks that have been registered in India:
• Any name or surname that is frequently used as a trademark
• Devices (fancy devices or symbols)
• Monograms
• A combination of colors or a single color and a word or device
• The shape of goods or their packaging
• Marks made up of 3-D design
• Sound marks when they are represented in conventional notation or described in words by being graphically represented
• A word that was invented or a random word or words from a dictionary that do not directly describe the character or quality of goods or services.
• Using a trademark in conjunction with specific products or services or by registering it under the Act is one way to obtain ownership of the trademark.

Where do trademark laws originate?

Coming up next are the wellsprings of brand name regulations:
• Trademarks Act of 1999
• National bilateral treaty
• Regional treaty
• Court decisions
• International multilateral convention
• Office practice reduced in Court manuals, guidelines, and rulings
• Intellectual Property Appellate Board decision
• Professional and academic textbooks

What is a public search?

The method of looking for trademarks that have already been registered by the registrar of trademarks is referred to as IP India Public search. This kind of search is very important for brands or businesses that want to register their trademarks because it helps them avoid trademark infringements and the legal consequences that come with them.

How can a trademark be searched in India?

As a brand name search is vital to distinguish the expected encroachments of existing brand names. You can also use our free trademark search tool to quickly find marks related to your products or services when searching for trademarks in India.

How can I determine whether I broke the trademark in India?

It is written in accordance with sections 29 and 30 of the Trademarks Act of 1999 and discusses the conditions for violating and not violating any trademark.

How do I conduct a search for a trademark registration number?

Numerous free online tools can be used to conduct a trademark registration number search. Additionally, our free trademark search tool can be found at the aforementioned.

What is the legitimacy of my brand name enlistment?

Each trademark that is registered with the trademarks registry has a specific validity period of ten years. After that, a fee must be paid to renew it.

What amount of time does it require for enrolling a brand name in India?

The procedure is quite extensive and consists of numerous proceedings, hearings, and objections. In addition, the procedure can take anywhere from 20 to 24 months to complete. On the other hand, after submitting a trademark application, a number is assigned to it within seven business days.

Before using the trademark electronic search system database, what considerations should be made?

When using the trademark electronic search system database, there are mainly three things to keep in mind:
1. What is included in the database?
2. How do you set up a comprehensive search?
3. How can the search results be interpreted?

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