VAT & CST Registration

Vat & Cst Registration


VAT is an indirect tax which is collected by the seller from the buyer through issuing invoices and deposited to state government accounts. VAT is also known as TIN.

When Required ?

Value Added Tax / TIN required if you are into the business of trading of goods i.e. sales and purchases of goods.

Monthly/Quarterly Tax Deposit

Value added tax is a tax levied on the sale of goods and deposited to the state government on a monthly or quarterly basis as per respective State VAT Laws.

Filing of Return

Every trading business having TIN number requires filing VAT Return on monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annually as per respective State VAT laws.

CST (Central Sales Tax ) Tax on Inter-State Sale

CST levied in case of Inter State Sale at the subsidized rate of 2% if buyer produces C-Form to the seller. If C-Form not produced VAT levied at the rate prevailing in the state of the seller.



 i) Set off is available.

 ii) No separate levy of surcharge or Additional Tax.

 iii) Shares the burden to all levels of supply chain.

iv) Taxes only the value addition.

v) Fewer rates.

vi) Entry Tax is vatable i.e., it can be claimed as input tax credit.

vii) Self assessment by the dealers.


Steps of Work


Provide Filled Checklist & Advance Amount


Confirm Commodities List


After scrutiny of documents & information obtained, file application for registration


Receive Application Acknowledgement on Mail


Receive Registration Certificate on Mail


Got Questions?


The rate of VAT varies depending on the goods being sold and the state in which transaction takes place.

Importer means a businessman who buys goods from a State outside and brings them into theState. Importer also means a businessman to who goods are dispatched from place outsidethe State

Yes, he is also required to get himself registered under VAT Act & pay VAT if he crosses theprescribed limit

Non-Resident Dealer is a dealer who does trading of goods (purchase or sale)in the state buthas no fixed place of business or residence in that state